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Powering the Circular Economy

ESGL is a Circular Economy Solutions pioneer in Singapore, transforming industrial waste into sustainable circular products.

Industries supporting Singapore’s economy generate more than 5 million tonnes of waste annually. By regenerating industrial waste into circular products using renewable energy, ESGL empowers partners to reduce their environmental impact and build a more resilient planet.

ESGL regenerates industrial waste into sustainable circular economy products, helping companies achieve sustainability goals and send less to landfills. By 2025, ESGL aims to expand processing capacity to 195,000 tons of industrial waste and generate 70% into Sustainable Circular Products.

ESGL Virtual Investor Day 6th Sept 2023

ESGL leadership introduced the Company’s mission and business profile, expound its sustainable circular economy solutions and unique technological platform, and provide an update on its growing business pipeline, value drivers and strategies for future growth and expansion. 

Winner of the United Nations Global Compact Award

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Our Operating Company

Our Mission Statement

We Do What We Do Today Because We Believe it’s Best for the Environment Tomorrow. We are an environmental technology company who makes circular products from industrial waste, enabling our partners to reduce their environmental impact.

The Challenge: Southeast Asia’s Rapid Industrialization Creates Waste Crisis

Southeast Asia’s swift industrialization has significantly increased waste production as countries struggle to manage unrecyclable materials. 

With an estimated 125 million metric tons of hazardous waste volume in just five ASEAN countries, a transition to a circular economy will drive economic growth of $324B in ASEAN over the next 25 years, according to the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).

ESGL: Offer Waste a Second Life

Recycling and regenerating materials significantly reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and land use. ESGL is the first in Asia to use 100% renewable energy to treat industrial waste, embracing a Low Carbon Ethos to create valuable circular products.

ESGL Circular Economy Solutions

Ecologically and Economically Sustainable: Supporting Carbon Reduction with Renewable Energy Use

ESGL has developed an integrated, innovative, and sustainable circular economy solution by utilizing renewable energy and by-products from its waste management process.

Compliant with Global Standards and Local Regulations

ESGL strives to meet evolving global standards for circular, sustainable waste recycling. This gives our clients the confidence that they and their supply chain participants are progressing toward true sustainability.

Beyond that, we are committed to working with regional authorities to develop a comprehensive framework to transform the region’s economy from an unsustainable linear model to sustainable circular practices.

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