Sustainable Circular Economy Facilities

Zero Carbon, Zero Energy, & Net-Zero Water

Zero Energy: Harvesting energy from the sun and urban wood waste to power recycling operations

Zero Carbon: First recycling facility operating in a carbon-negative way; first issuer of carbon credits in Singapore

Zero Net Water: Processing wastewater for ESG operations reduces reliance on the national water grid

Waste Acids & Alkalis, Sludge, and other Solid Industrial Waste Recycling

Our Facilities in Singapore

ESA owns and operates an industrial waste management plant in Singapore that uses waste wood gasification and solar energy for the thermal treatment processing of industrial waste. In order to harness the solar energy for the thermal treatment of industrial waste, ESA currently has 640kWp photovoltaic panels (also known as solar panels) installed in its plant building. ESA also owns and operates a commercial plant in Singapore to supply ISCC PLUS-certified circular pyrolysis oil made from waste plastics in Singapore.

These systems and engineering designs result in a low carbon footprint, whereby ESA generates only a minimal amount of by-product waste. In 2021, ESA only sent 1.1% of the waste it collected to the landfill. This is in deep contrast to most of ESA’s competitors who typically focus on processing waste through destructive methods and any by-product waste generated would be disposed of in the landfill.

ESGL Capabilities

  • Spent Catalysts & Metal Sludges
  • Solid Industrial Waste such as Slurries, Filtercakes, and more
  • Spent Plating Solutions & Etchants
  • Acid & Alkali Waste
  • Base & Precious Metals

Facts and Figures:

  • 8,700 sqm surface
  • Our analytical laboratory for metals
  • 60-ton weight bridge

Sustainable Metrics (2022):

  • Diverting from Landfill  – 40,000 Tons of solid waste 
  • Renewable Energy – 3MWe Biomass, 750 kWp photovoltaic
  • CO2eq generated – 40,000 Tons per year
  • RECs Generated – 24,000 MWh per year

FR-3 Pyrolysis System (Chemical Recycling)

ESGL process

  • Plastic to ISCC+ Certified Pyrolysis Oil (NewOil)
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Hydrogen

Capacity by 2025

  • 20,000 Tons of un-recyclable plastic waste

G-2 Thermal Fixation System (Waste Sludge to Circular Product)

 ESGL process

  • Renewable Thermal Fixation and Treatment
  • Multiple Circular Industrial Products

Capacity by 2025

  • 30,000 Tons Biofuel
  • 50,000 Tons of Industrial Sludges

M-4 PhysChem Synthesis System (Waste Chemicals to NewChem)

ESGL process

  • Circular Industrial Grade Acids and Chemicals

Capacity by 2025

  • 30,000 Tons of Chemical Wastes

SM-5.6 Waste Thermal Recovery System (Hazardous Solid and Liquid Waste)

ESGL process

  • High Calorific Hazardous Waste Incineration Thermal Recovery to Waste Water Treatment

Capacity by 2025

  • 24,000 Tons of Hazardous Waste
  • 48,000 Tons of Waste Water

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